Readers' Choice: Vote for the best attractions in the Northeast

Help us build the ultimate American travel bucket list by voting for your favorites

10Best is over halfway through building our ultimate American travel bucket list. So far, our readers have picked their favorite state attractions in the Southwest, Midwest and on the West Coast. This week, we’re heading back to where it all began: New England and the Northeast. 

Encompassing nine of the 13 original colonies, this region is as historically rich as it is scenically beautiful, while big cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia lend a diversity to the attraction scene. 

We’ve called on a panel of travel writers and photographers in each state to nominate their 20 favorite must-see attractions, and now it’s your turn to pick the winners. Vote for your favorites in each state once per day until polls close on Tuesday, October 10 at noon ET. The 10 winning attractions in each state, as determined by your vote, will be announced on Friday, October 13.

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Best Connecticut Attraction

New Haven, Connecticut — Photo courtesy of iStock / DenisTangneyJr

At fewer than 60 miles top to bottom and 100 miles across, you can travel just about anywhere in the state of Connecticut in under two hours. This authentic New England state, depicted by shows like The Gilmore Girls and films like The Stepford Wives, has a personality closely tied with the water, with several rivers cutting through its hills toward its coastal plain.

Those who slow down and linger in New England’s front porch will find numerous Colonial villages, a rich maritime heritage and one of the nation’s greatest educational institutions.

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Best Delaware Attraction

Delaware beach — Photo courtesy of iStock / ymn

Delaware, the nation’s second smallest state, is too often overlooked by visitors to the region, who often have their sights set on the nation’s capital. But the First State – Delaware’s founding fathers were the first to sign the Constitution – has plenty to offer, from ocean beaches, rolling mountains and the Chesapeake Bay to Colonial villages, a wealth of historic attractions and tax-free shopping. 

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Best Maine Attraction

Lobster shack in Maine — Photo courtesy of iStock / wbritten

Remote Maine boasts some 5,500 miles of coastline and 3,000 coastal islands, so it’s no surprise that the seafaring culture here is strong. Rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, lighthouses and lobsters are never far away, but there’s more to this state; Portland ranks among the nation’s hippest small cities, and inland – particularly in the Western Lakes and North Woods – lies an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

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Best Maryland Attraction

Wild horses of Assateague Island — Photo courtesy of iStock / JeninVA

Situated at the crossroads between the North and the South, it’s easy to see why Maryland has the nickname ‘America in Miniature.’ This diverse state has a little bit of everything – the cultural appeal of Baltimore, Appalachian Mountains to the west, sandy beaches to the east and the scenic Chesapeake Bay (with its famous blue crabs).

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Best Massachusetts Attraction

Autumn in the Berkshires — Photo courtesy of iStock / DenisTangneyJr

What’s most noticeable in Massachusetts, New England’s most populous state, is the sense of history evident around every corner, but the state’s diverse attractions extend beyond the historic as well. Visitors can sun themselves on the beaches of Cape Cod, stroll through the nation’s oldest public park in Boston or hike through the mountainous Berkshires. 

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Best New Hampshire Attraction

Mount Washington in New Hampshire — Photo courtesy of iStock / DenisTangneyJr

Rugged and authentic, the Granite State has long attracted visitors with its mountain peaks, forested lakes and scenic valleys – a heaven for outdoor adventure. Colonial history is alive and well in New Hampshire, from larger settlements like Portsmouth to pristine New England villages like Keene and Meredith.

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Best New Jersey Attraction

Atlantic City Boardwalk — Photo courtesy of iStock / DenisTangneyJr

New Jersey, nicknamed the Garden State, is bordered almost entirely by water – the Atlantic to the east, Delaware Bay to the south and the Delaware River to the west. With 127 miles of beaches, the famed Jersey Shore certainly appeals, but the state also features pine forests, lush farmlands, mountain chains and the third-largest state park system in the nation.

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Best New York Attraction

New York City from above — Photo courtesy of iStock / dszc

Some of the United States’ most recognizable attractions – Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building – are found in New York City. And while the Big Apple has no shortage of travel-worthy attractions, the rest of the state is well worth exploration as well. Outside the iconic metropolis in the Empire State, travelers find natural wonders like Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands, award-winning wineries, Revolutionary War sites and the elegant estates of the Hudson Valley.

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Best Pennsylvania Attraction

Gettysburg, Pa. — Photo courtesy of iStock / drnadig

Stretching all the way from the East Coast to the edge of the Midwest, Pennsylvania offers a wide range of experiences for those who take the time to explore. Some of the most important moments in American History took place in Philadelphia, while Pittsburgh was front and center during the Industrial Revolution. Outside the cities lie Civil War sites, pastoral Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the deep forests of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Best Rhode Island Attraction

Castle Hill Lighthouse — Photo courtesy of iStock / stu99

With more than 400 miles of coastline, Rhode Island is characterized by the water. The smallest state in the union isn’t actually an island, but it does feature countless white sand beaches, secluded coves, seaside cliffs and photo-worthy lighthouses. Away from the shore, visitors can tour Gilded Age mansions, cruise through the Blackstone Valley or watch WaterFire light up Providence at night.

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Best Vermont Attraction

Rural Vermont in autumn — Photo courtesy of iStock / DenisTangneyJr

With its rolling farmland, picturesque small villages and famed fall foliage, Vermont represents quintessential New England to many. Nearly 80 percent of the state is covered in pristine forest, punctuated by steepled churches, village greens and Colonial-era houses. The state boasts America’s densest collection of craft brewers, as well as outdoor recreation of all sorts throughout all four seasons.

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Remember, you can vote for each state’s best attraction once per day until voting ends on Tuesday, October 10. Check back on Friday, October 13 to see which attractions took home top honors.

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