4 useful tips for visually impaired people while travelling solo – Newz Hook

4 useful tips for visually impaired people while travelling solo - Newz Hook
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People have been staying indoors for months now due to the Covid pandemic and are looking for ways to spend time outdoors or travel. With holiday season coming up, travelling solo is in the list for many but by following safety precautions. If you are a visually impaired person who is looking to travel alone, here are a few tips that be useful.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, people have been staying indoors for nearly a year now. But now the holiday season is round the corner and most people are looking out to travel with friends and family. But by taking precautions like wearing masks, using hand wash and sanitizers and thus preparing for an annual holiday.

When you are a visually impaired or blind person, travelling is not impossible. All that you need to do is prepare yourself ahead. Many visually impaired people are doing solo trips, thanks to the internet that has brought people and places closer.

Penav Mota, a visually impaired law student loves to travel.

“I travel a lot. One of the main things that I keep in mind is that I plan my trip ahead. I look out for factors like a good guide and accessibility at the destination. Every guide has different ways of explaining and interacting. So having a guide with whom you are comfortable is important. In case you need help, ask people for guidance”, he says.

Check out some useful tips while travelling

  • Planning is the key– Needless to say, this is the first step towards making your trip a fun and memorable one. It is important to know more about the place that you plan to visit and do a thorough research as well. This will help you to know what you can expect. Make your reservations with hotels and sightseeing places beforehand. Make sure you talk to concerned people about need for accessibility, especially what your requirements are. Keys, money, ID cards and passes can be kept in your purse or pocket.
  • Carry sanitizers, hand wash and masks– Remember that the pandemic isn’t over. Without a vaccine being introduced yet, every person is at the risk of being infected. Hence carrying masks, sanitizers and hand washes must be a priority. Try and use hand gloves as much as possible. Always clean and sanitize your phone as well.
  • Pack light– Carry only essential things that you need. If you are travelling by flight, you do not have to go through a frantic search at the conveyor area. In fact, you can start your trip on a relaxed note. You can also make your luggage eye-catching by sticking something bright on top of it so that airline staffs can help you find it easily. During a pandemic, it is best that you travel light to avoid any sort of hassles.
  • Ask help if needed– It is strongly suggested that people don’t travel during such tough times with the pandemic on. Since most people are opting for domestic travel and international flights still aren’t fully functioning, choose places that you are going to be comfortable in. Also do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.

There are many accessible tour and travel providers in your city. You can reach out to them too for further help.

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