Best Travel Tips from an avid traveler – Neha Rai

Best Travel Tips from an avid traveler - Neha Rai
  • You will save A LOT of money by planning in advance.
  • Become a member with rewards reaping loyalty programs.
  • Being flexible with flying dates on a weekday can be less expensive.

Although we are stuck at home in pandemic crises, but travel bloggers around the world are using the power of social media and creating content on exotic destinations, for our entertainment and to also enlighten us with their travel stories.

In these unprecedented times, travel industry in general and bloggers have been really hit hard, since this has hugely affected their travel routine as well as source of income. However, travel influencers have taken this adversity in a positive stride and they still have continued to post regularly about past trips and share beautiful memories to remain relevant.

And, this situation hasn’t been easy for avid travelers, yet most of them are posting beautiful travel pictures and videos to keep an interest of community in their social accounts rooted and to also inspire people for planning their future trips.

Neha is one such travel blogger, and she has been posting actively on her Instagram and YouTube channels, ever since lockdown happened in India and across the globe, towards the end of March 2020. And, she strongly feels that at present, whilst we all are quarantined, we can certainly stay optimistic and cherish good memories of past travel journeys across the world. Moreover, these challenging times of being confined at homes, should not deter our spirit from planning ahead and also to express gratitude towards almighty for keeping us safe and healthy.

She has been traveling for 8 years now, and have visited over 35 countries globally. With her travel stories, she is currently on an interesting mission to inspire masses for packing their bags more often. She believes that people should invest wisely on their travel journeys to create memorable experiences, which is rather a more productive approach in comparison to spending a fortune amount of money on material possessions.

And, we can’t agree more on this, since travel experiences lasts longer indeed in a span of lifetime and also helps to evolve you as a mature person.

Traveling does have the power to bring a fresh new perspective to life and also provides a sense of rejuvenation from mundane routine. It unleashes your creativity and is a great source of learning new cultures as well. Last but not the least, it makes you more confident once you are exposed to a new environment, when you step out of comfort zone and travel far away from your home town.

Neha Rai – Indian Travel Blogger.

Neha is a solo female traveller, and over past couple of years has been balancing work with personal time off for travelling across the world to explore beautiful cities. She feels that solo travels can completely change your perspective on life, should you are brave enough to embrace new cultures, along your journey.

And, as she narrates her experiences, we are enlightened by her stories and also some interesting travel tips which can motivate avid travellers to plan their vacations, post pandemic.

Below are some important travel tips highlighted by Neha:

1. ALWAYS Pack Light – It helps you to travel at ease, especially during rail journeys and airport transfers. Plus, you don’t end up paying excess baggage fee at check-in counter and this will also save a huge space for your shopping treasures.

2. Carry Sunglasses – It provides UV protection against the sun and you can also enjoy outdoor activities better, such as hiking, trekking & long walks. Plus, you also look stylish for pictures & videos. So, do we need a better reason?

3. Book in advance – You will save A LOT of money by planning in advance, since you are able to find cheap flights and hotels. This will also save your precious time to enjoy trip and there is no last-minute rush.

4. Go Grocery shopping – Because it’s super healthy unlike junk food and you will save a lot of money. There is also a possibility to meet locals and make new friends

5. Stay Hydrated – Drink water on long flights and also remember to take timely water breaks during trekking or long walks

6. Chat with locals – Always try to chat with friendly locals since they are advocators of best restaurant in town, that perfect sunset point, and any other suggestions on popular clubs in town or nearby day trips.

7. Sign up for a Loyalty Program – Become a member with rewards reaping loyalty programs, such as Emirates & American Airlines, and collect MILES for your eligible flights & stays! Yes, you can also collect Miles for stays with hotels which are their partners. Although, it might take some time to build desired miles, required for flight upgrades and discounts, but it’s worth your precious time in the long run.

8. Avoid booking flights on weekend – Being flexible with flying dates on a weekday can be less expensive, and rather Tuesdays in most cases have been observed as a cost-effective day to book your seat!

9. Price comparison – Always check for at least 3-4 travel portals for a comparison of flight + hotels costs, such as Make My Trip, Sky scanner, Google flights, Expedia and more. And, total costs may differ, as in some case insurance cost is also included which you may unselect.

10. Plan in advance – last but not least, always plan your trip and book flights at least 2 months in advance. This will give you plenty of options for different airfares, and you can also apply for visa without any time obligation.

We sincerely hope you gain benefit from these travel tips and if you are looking for constant travel updates, please join Neha on her journey as she takes on the world!

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – @borninvacations

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