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Renting a vehicle is always the best way to travel in a city. It is also a great choice even if you must go on a long drive too. And with the holiday season approaching, all of us need to visit our families and buy gifts for our loved ones. It makes the demand for rental cars to be high.


Renting a car in the holiday season is a bit more tricky than any other. You need to look out for various things before selecting one. There is also a chance that your desired car is already booked by someone else as the holiday season is crowded.


To help you make the decision of renting a car easier this holiday season, here are a few tricks:


1- Book the Vehicle As Soon As Possible


With the high demand for rental vehicles in the holiday season, there is a great risk that all the cars will be booked if you take too long to book your vehicle. So, to avoid such cases, it is better to book the vehicle as soon as possible.


Remember that you can simply book the vehicle without paying any fee (or a small fee in some cases) and it will guarantee that your car is there when you reach the rental car agency to get it. Just book a vehicle online from any Car Rental Dubai company days before your trip to stay on the safe side.


2- Decide What You Need!


It is more important to work on what you need, rather than what you want. If you are planning to go on a long trip, then it is better to choose a vehicle with better fuel efficacy. If you are planning to roam around in a city, choose one which is more comfortable. Also, choose a car based on the terrain of the area you are planning to visit.


If you are planning to travel with your vehicle, then be sure to book a bigger vehicle, otherwise, the passengers will have to be seated uncomfortably throughout the journey.


3- Get a Bigger Vehicle


At the time of renting a vehicle, you may not realize that, but you should get a bigger vehicle. Because in the holiday season, you will have to carry your luggage and gift for your family and that cannot be hauled safely in a compact car. And you may need to travel with your family during the holiday. So, getting a bigger car would be helpful there too.


4- Closely Look at the Fees


The holiday season is a perfect time for rental car agencies to take advantage of you. They will add several hidden fees to your bill that you would not even need. So before signing the contract, be sure to closely check the fees and ask about anything that you may feel is not how it is supposed to be. Otherwise, you may have to pay any fees for facilities that you did not even use.


5- Avoid Airport Pickups


Some rental car agencies offer to pick you up at airports. That may seem like a sweet deal, but it is a great way to waste money. What they do not tell you is that they will charge an extra pickup fee to pick you up from the airport, which you can easily avoid by declining the airport pickup offer. Once you reach the city, go to the rental car agency, and pick your car.

Car Rental Tips for the Holiday Season

6- Select Long-Term Rental Package


A long-term rental package is always better than selecting a package on a daily basis. It will not only make your rental car cheaper but has other great features too. So, be sure to select the long-term package.


There are various discounts offered by the rental car agencies during this time of the year. But you may need to ask them for it to be included in your bill. So, do not forget to ask about the ongoing discounts and get full advantage of holiday discount packages.


7- Share Your Flight Information


Sharing your flight information with the rental car agency can prove to be quite helpful in case your flight gets delayed. Delayed flights are quite common during the holiday season. If you share your flight information with the rental car agency, they will find out if the flight is delayed. In case the flight is delayed, they will make certain accommodations to your rental agreement as required. It could help you save time.


8- Rent a car wisely


Many tourists rent a car randomly without any proper research. You need to think properly before renting a car. For example, if you are visiting any country for a month or more, you should go for monthly car rental services instead of daily or weekly options. In this way, you can save more money. Along with that, if you are traveling in a group, you must hire a big car or an SUV for a convenient trip. Also, choose the right vehicle according to your trip nature.


9- Ask for discounts


To save some extra money, you can ask your car rental company to offer discounts or coupons code. Many car rental companies offer discounts and deals after collaborating with different travel agencies. You can look for these types of deals and discounts for a budget-friendly trip.




Renting a car can be difficult during the holiday season for many reasons, but it does not have to be for you. Be sure to follow the tricks mentioned and you will be able to rent your car smoothly. We suggest you Cheap Rent a car Dubai online before your trip so that the car rental company deliver it to the airport after your landing.


We recommend you rent a car from RentalcarsUAE as they are one of the most professional companies. You can rent a car easily according to your stay duration and they will deliver it wherever you want without any extra charges.













































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