Ways To Find Travel Partners

Not all people who travel alone are doing it by choice. Although a lot of people actually do choose to travel alone, at some point, they might like some company, at least for a period of time. Not only is traveling with a friend fun and great for your budget, but it is also a great way to minimize the risk. If you get sick or injured, your travel companion can look after you or call for help.

One of the main reason people choose not to go on a trip alone is that they are worried about it being boring, lonely, and dangerous. If none of your family members or friends can come with you, you do not have to worry. From finding someone to simply have coffee with you, to give you an interesting tour of their hometown, to someone who will join you during your whole trip, here is a list of ways of how you can find travel buddies in the digital age:

1. Apps for finding travel buddies – there are various apps that could help you find someone to join you on your adventure. You will simply need to download the apps, and you will get the chance to see who will be at the same destination at the same time as you. You will be able to start chatting with them before leaving on your trip and arrange and share some things at the destination. You will also get the chance to connect to locals who designed tours or activities you might enjoy. Apps like Ventoura could help you with this.

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2. Websites for finding travel buddies – a social platform that has a huge database of register travelers might be the right choice for you. You will have to sign up for the website and it is one of the simplest ways to find travel companions. You will be able to travel together with people from your area, map out the itinerary that fits both of your best, choose the amount of time you would like to spend with them, select your preferred age group, and describe your plans and requirements. Websites like Elastic Trip offer all these things to help you to find the perfect companion for you.

3. Travel forums – even though you might think that it is no longer possible, you can still connect to other travelers in the old fashioned way, by using travel forums. You can connect to people within several minutes or a few hours, but one thing is for sure, you will get the reply you are searching for. You will be able to ask for advice, search for travel companions, as well as look for locals who are willing to give you a tour of their city.

4. Using social media to find travel buddies – by using social media, you will not have to download apps, applications, or verifications. If you are active on Twitter or Facebook, you can easily meet other people that are also searching for a travel companion. Several Facebook groups are aimed towards solo travelers, and some of them might help you search for the perfect person to go on an adventure with. By being active on Twitter and by following people from the destinations where you want to go to, you will be able to engage with them and let them know how happy you are to visit the city. You might even invite them to meet up with you.

5. Join a tour – if you want instant travel buddies, you could join a tour that is already organized. In this way, you will always have someone around you that you can share your travel with, make friends, and enjoy all that the trip has to offer together.


In our digital world today, it is quite easy to find someone who is willing to share your adventure with. So, there is no reason to stay at home simply because someone does not have the time or will to go traveling with you. Simply browse through this list and start planning your next trip!

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